Part Three


1st Brief - Something with print

Final Project - Publication

weekly plans

2nd Brief - Scale


Exhibition Proposal



In my personal project proposal my aim was to produce a selection of work using multi media but predominantly screen print to convey the energy and atmosphere in the various places that I visited during the final part of the course, these places included Amsterdam (where we went for our commune), Azoriaz in the French Alps and at home in North Norfolk.


However, now I have  reached the end of the project I am not left with the outcome that I initially imagined when writing my Personal Project Proposal as I thought that I would come out with a print based publication as well as a print based proposal for the Lethaby Gallery Exhibition. I believe that this was due to my prints from Amsterdam progressing very quickly and if I continued to produce print based outcomes portraying the scenes from the three places then my project would have vary little variety and experimentation, therefore I decided to go down the tangent of documenting the stories made up in the three places that I visited by the people that I was with.


The initial theme of my project, was reportage and the documentation of places that I visited though photography on a 35mm film camera and observational drawing.  At the beginning of this part of the project my proposal was incredibly process lead but as I progressed it became more conceptual with the focus being on trying to visually represent the people that I was on these trips with and the way that they think rather then the places themselves, as personally I think the outcome and atmosphere of a trip is determined by the people that you are surrounded by. I did this through asking them to make up a story, which allowed them to show their personality through what they chose to include within the story.


I think that I should have focused more on secondary research into reportage artists as well as artists that use screen print, then used this research to do more experimental work. If I where to continue this project further I would want to create screen prints for both Avoriaz and Norfolk, focusing on the architecture and the reportage photos that I took, as I did when I returned from Amsterdam, however I was focused and working on the publication project which took my work in a slightly different direction.


Something that I felt I could have done better during this project is managing my time more effectively. I think that I should have focused on one idea and developing this thoroughly rather than having multiple ideas on the go at once and trying to work on these a the same time. As in doing this I think I  was left with multiple outcomes, however they where not as developed as they could have been. Finally I also think that I should have strayed slightly more out of my comfort zone with the techniques that I used, rather then limiting my self to screen print, photography and drawing, however digital drawing and InDesign is something that I had not previously used so I feel as though I have expanded my skill set in that respect.

Overall, I am incredibly happy with the way my final project turned out, although it strayed slightly from my original brief. I like the aesthetic of my drawings as well as the absurdity of the stories that where creates, as think that this bought in a light hearted and comic element to my work which is something that I aimed to do through out the course.

Statement About My Work

The theme of my work was to represent the places that I have traveled too between 18.02.2018 - 07.04.2018. Initially I was focused on the architecture of the places and translating this into screen print, however this then made me think about ways in which I could document the people that I was with and the way that they think. The idea initially came when we played a game in Amsterdam, this game involved each member of the group participating in the creating of a story, enabling them to make the final story personal to each of them and include things that they think reflect their personalities. I then illustrated these stories and a single line to show the continuity between each scene.


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