Part Three

Reflection part 3


Since being back from Amsterdam i have been at home in North Norfolk. It feel strange to be back in this sort of quiet countryside environment in comparison the the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam. While at home i had a chance so sit and reflect on my time away for commune, being able to look at the photos, videos and drawings done. As well as this i also was able to take time to research some of the artists that interested me while away, as well as looking into some of the history of Amsterdam, especially areas such as the red light district. This history of this area fascinated me. 

While at home we went walking in the country park, something that i would be very interested in doing would be to do screen print responses to some of the places i have been spending my time. i.e.Amsterdam, London, Norfolk. As all of these places have different moods and aesthetics.


Today i was struggling to produce work that i thought was up to standard and began to become frustrated with what i was making. I proceeded to try and do some stencil prints of the architecture in Amsterdam, these did work out exactly how i wanted and this frustrated me even more. In my view this project was going awfully and i want producing anything worth presenting or showing to anyone. However, when i got home after a unproductive day i re-looked at my prints and proceeded to draw over them in a black pen. This in my view transformed my prints into what looked like an unfinished screen print into a finished illustration.

This made me think that rather loosing momentum when i am not producing work that i like i actually need to pick up the pace and momentum that i am producing work as this would get me out of the "uncreative hole" far quicker.


Today i have spent a lot of time cutting stencils and making positives on tracing paper for my Amsterdam screen prints. At the moment i am focusing on the terrace houses however i soon want to move onto other subjects around the city such as the people, the markets etc. I will then start to respond to other places a visit and try and convey my "first impression" of the place.

As well as continuing to respond to the houses in screen print i also made a stencil of the canals in Amsterdam and screen printed this. This got me thinking about possibly looking into doing more stencils along these lines as the came out incredible well. I only printed it in one colour however i think this was very effective. Possible ideas to develop:

  • Stencilling and drawing the "water ways" "rivers" "lakes" "canals" in cities around the world.



Today i am going home for the weekend and plan to continue the scale project there and possible do some ceramic work. 

I didn't complete the scale project in time for the crit as i had planned on doing one response when i was at home as i have access to a lot of space, outdoor and indoor, therefore i felt that i could make a much more interesting and engaging response from home as i feel incredibly limited at Archway. Both from resources and space as everyone is in a small area trying to work on a large scale.


Today i had my progress tutorial with Ignacia, i was looking forward to this as i hadn't really had any communication with either of the tutors over Part 3 so i thought it would be productive and allow me to get some feedback on the work i have done so far and to check if i am on the right track, as i was worried that i was falling behind/doing the wrong work. 

The feedback that i got from Ignacia was generally positive, saying that she likes my prints and the work that i had done so far, she also confirmed that my idea for the final project proposal was alright. However i also got told some thing that i have to work on such as my sketchbook and getting my work stuck in and displayed in it. As well as this i also was told that i had to include a few more artists on my RESEARCH page on workflow. 

Finally, today i wrote my final project proposal which i handed into Ignacia. My PPP is about a visual and process lead response to places that i have visited during my time on part three of my foundation. These places include, AVORIAZ NORFOLK AMSTERDAM. 

Today made me slightly more confident with the direction in which i am moving and Ignacia reminded me again not to compare my work/quantity of work to others, which is something that i constantly find my self doing.


During my time in Norfolk i started my publication for the penultimate project of this year. I am making a concertina book composed of 3 stories from the 3 different places that i have visited. The first will be AMSTERDAM, the second will be AVORIAZ and the third will be at home in NORTH NORFOLK. The way in which the stories are composed is as such: 

The game is called "then we can.." and we started it in Amsterdam. You get a number of people in a circle and each person participates in the story one after the other. The story can be as bizarre as the people involved in composting the story want it to be. I decided that i am going to do 10 parts to every story = 10 illustrations for every story. 3 stories = 30 illustrations, i think that i want each illustrations to be A5, so the book will be an A5, this means that it will be around a 6.3m long concertina book. 

I decided that i didn't want the illustrations to be too complex, and i had the idea that it would tie in well with the idea of the continuous concertina book if i do the illustrations in a single line and have them all joined, therefore the 30 illustrations will all be joined with one long line throughout the book.


The amsterdam story:

we had birthday tea

then we went to the moon 

then we earned billions of dollars in bitcoin trading

then we bought a house in Amsterdam

then we met Kanye West 

then we joined his crew

then we killed Kim Kardashian 

then we will run away on a speed boat

then we will get to a desert island

then rosie will kill us both and be alone on the island

(participants: me (19) rosie (19) vernetta (19))



Today i have been able to ski again, I took my 35mm film camera and sketchbook up the mountains early without my skis just to be an hour or so of photography before starting skiing for the day as well as doing a couple of drawings. 

I also spoke to the group of people that i am skiing with about the "then we can story" and planned to do it when we all do out for dinner tomorrow night, i am looking forward to seeing how this story turns out as there is a variety of people in the group (ages ranging from 13-50). I am interested to see wether the setting that we are in or the people we are surrounded by effects the outcome of the story.

I also thought that it would be interesting to use the same technique as i used for the stencil print of the canals in Amsterdam on a piest map of Avoriaz.

Later in the evening i spent a few hours finishing the illustration from the Amsterdam story, however i underestimated how long it would take to finish, this made me realise that i would have to re structure my time to insure that i get all 3 stories finished, printed and bound into my concertina books. 



Since being home in Norfolk my focus has been in completing the illustrations from the avoriaz story. Each story consists of 10 single line illustrations. However i have started to realise that i may run short on time as i didn't realise how long the drawings would take and i was being very particular about how i wanted them to look so i restarted many of them a few times before being happy wth the way they looked. 

I also started to think about how to distinguish between the three different places, at first i was going to add different colour for each place, however i likes the consistency and the simplicity of the plain black line. I also had to decide if i wanted to include the words of the story in the book, i eventually decided to do both, have a publication with the words and also have one with out them, this publication with out the words of the story leaves the audience open to interpret the book how the wish. Furthermore, i also decided that i no longer wanted to make a concertina book as i made a moc up and it looked scrappy and un finished, however if i have time i am try it again and see how it turns out for a second time. 


Today we presented our publications in class as well as talking about our proposals for the Letharby Galley exhibition. Sadly i had not yet had a chance to get my illustrations printed into a book as i under estimated how long it would take to finish them all, however i plan to finish them tonight and get them printed tomorrow. Although i didnt have my final copy of my publication printed i did make an A5 size mock up with all of my illustrations inside it which i just bound myself with a needle and thread, this i felt was sufficient.

When we had our group tutorials about the our exhibition proposals mine changed considerable with the guidance of Umberto and i was much happier and enthusiastic about my proposal after having this tutorial. 

Outcome from making our "rules" before being refined and turned into our manifesto



Today was my first day at uni since being back from Amsterdam as sadly i was unable to get to uni yesterday due to the adverse weather. I was slightly overwhelmed when i first arrived as i had missed the proposal righting the day before as well as some other useful information that i needed. However, after sitting down with Ignacia i had a grasp on what it was that we needed to do and i began to roughly write my first proposal and plan what it was that i wanted to achieve in this final project.

The proposal/theme that i want to follow in this last project (to begin with) is not a conceptual one but more process lead. Focusing on the process used to make the work (screen print)as well as the aesthetics of the work. I want to use my experiences in Amsterdam as well as my photographic documentation of the trip and try and produce a number of screen prints that portray the feeling/mood/vibrancy of the city. As well as some of the other quirky features the captured my eye such as the wonky houses. I want to look into reportage artist such as Lucinda Rogers, who i plan to go and see at the House of Illustration later on this week. 

I also had a thought that i would like do try and do some work in ceramic, this is something that i will try and do while at home so i am able to use my mothers clay and kilns, however i may be restricted on time.



progressing from the first brief that we wrote be then began another mini project that involved working in a larger scale. Working from our sketchbooks and work that we have previously done in Part 3, we had to produce work at 1m2 aprox. We were encouraged to make 3 pieces, one with a figurative subject, one with text and one with object. We were abel to scale up our image in anyway that we wished, many people just worked on large paper, come used tape on the walls and some used projection onto the wall.

When looking through my sketchbook i found it difficult to come up with an idea /concept for the text piece as my work has not included and text as of yet and i think it is important to make the words/symbols relevant to my work, i didnt just want to put text on a page for the sake of it, therefore i left this one untill last.

I proceeded to make my first piece.I decided to link it closely to the work that i have currently been producing and keep the theme of the terrace houses in Amsterdam and responding to my trip there using my reference photographs. I used acrylic paint which i applied with a small roller, as well as a large pink pen and a large black pen. (Final outcome in "my work" and sketchbook. 

When looking around the room i got inspiration from many of the other students work. I thought that Cameron's fruit screen prints where amazing and incredibly inventive, printing with other medium rather then ink is something that i think i would like to explore further. 

After finishing my first large "scale"  piece i slipped back to working on a smaller scale as that i what i am comfortable with and have before used too. However I am going to try and push myself to work on a larger scale and experiment more with my work rather than sticking to things such as screen print which i am incredibly familiar with.


Today we had a talk about paper. I found it incredible interesting which surprised me. 

These where the notes that i took during the talk:

Hand made paper (Fabriano)

  • different resistance with different lengths of the cotton fibres
  • Money - 100% cotton to make bank notes as it makes them moe durable moving from hand to hand
  • video called - hand made paper “Carta fatta a mano”
  • putting textures on the felt to make the paper textured
  • making paper with what you can find (making do) make paper depending on where i am? - norfolk paper?
  • -50L of water for 1kg of paper
  • Animal gelatine sizing (1283) - 1231 Emperor Frederik II
  • Now - synthetic sizing
  • Automation - hammering the fibres and water together often powered by water (stream)
  • Water mark (1293) - first feature that we can check for a bank note - making shades in the water mark
  • paper labels - changing of conditions for labels such as water, hot, cold. the paper is alive
  • gold foiling paper
  • craft beers and the progression of labels

This talk got me thinking about some possible ideas for later on in the project:

4 key things people want from paper:


could be interesting to use the rules but reverse them and print on paper that is not whiter, not opaque, not consistent sheet after sheet, and make it weak and heavy?



Today is our third day in Avoriaz and i have managed to get ill so am unable to ski today. However i took advantage of this and made my self a space outside in the sun to do a little drawing and some workflow. Due to skiing every day it is hard to make observational drawings as carrying my sketchbook up the mountains is not possible, therefore most of the responses are going to be photographic rather then drawn. However i am going to try and find a small book in town that i can take up the mountains with me in the following few days.

Enjoyed using bright bold colours for the mountains, snow and trees.

Focus on the skiers, the landscape and the architecture.


The Avoriaz story:

win olympic gold

then threw medal in the sea

dressed up as a horse

them i bought a toothbrush

ate a light bulb

joined the army

wet snow boarding

then i ate beetroot on cheese cake

then i had a drink

then i sat on my bottom and slid down the mountain

(participents; Buster (16) Digby (14) Tatty (13) Oscar (13) Ben (17) Andrew (50 ish) Andy (48) Jane (51) Barney (21)


I think that it is important to include the ages of the people that took part in the making of the story because this is what my final project is about. Rather responding to the architecture etc with prints like i did in amsterdam I am responding the the people i am with and the way in which their stories vary.




Today i got my two friends to do the norfolk story for me, this was my third and final story. I really enjoyed illustrating this story as it was so weird and wonderful that the drawings really draw you in due to their bizarre nature. 

The Story:

i did a poo

then i got taken taken to azcban

then i flew away on Aladdin carpet

then i plucked my eye brows

then i played real life wheres wally

then they found me

then we went to a bruno mars concert

then i was a life model

then i dressed as FATHER christmas

then i jumped down my own chimney


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